Monday, September 22, 2008

Industrial trip...

Yeh guyss...we visited Trivandrum TECHNO PARK as a part of Industrial was another normal Visit with presentations and stuffs the same as most companies follow !! This was INFOCEANS.... still i lack the details of the company...No no...wasnt a boring session..But being an impatient one, got irritated at times as they started the ppt by 11 and made us wait for a loong 1 hour and most of us started sleeping by the time.. and others throwing gems on a pair... ;)
but once the SHOW has begun,v started listening ... Sir challenged us to write a program in C which prints itself ..but without FILES!!!I would probably find the solution for it...Thanks to GOOGLE and other engines...The talk ended by 1.30 in the afternun and was really impressive couldnt listen more for i was too hungry... ^_^
and then came our fav luncheon :D

We have been to technopark for the first time..probably we would be searching for a good food court there and the sir led us to 7th floor...i dint waste time on hearing his conversation but started pinging my sis over phone...and thank god she was working in the same building...we had a delicious luncheon....veg biriyani+ icecreamzzz + blackforest + choco vannilla dip....yummy!!!

OMG!! forgot to tell u something..we have met sooooo many seniors and even our old teachers there..yeh i mean SCTians...and one senior even remarked something on it ~~ "Many SCTians around.... :O "
well we wernt the expected ones had too see many curious faces!! lol...even i were dismayed at times on seeing some familiar old faces....sigh...

I dont hav much to tell about the afternun session...Another sir came in..He tried atmost to hear him...uuufff!!! I tried hard but i think he understood as we cant fool the HR persons!!!They are highly intellectual ones !! lol...He teached us how to create a webpage using WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services !!) ...The idea was totally a new one!!but still cant bear the whole longgg session...Sorry Sir coudnt listen much!!

They wound up the session by 4.30 ...The most likely thing was the coffee they shared !! Strooong coffee i say!!i loved it ...had 3 ...2 in the morn (thanxx to shreya for the extra 1 :D) and 1 afternoon..( 3=2+1 ) ^_^ i realised something about my seniors locutions...~~ "u would noe the value of ur college only once u get out of it and its gr88 being a part of college"....i have no clue about how me gonna manage sucha software sysytem where ppl have to sit in front of a system trying for all sorts of coding ,testing and all blahss...But myself not placed yet ..Can think of it neh...loll...i truly at times think of my old wish!!! PSYCHOLOGY !!
hmmm.....i would have been a good PSYCHIATRIST once !!!but cant think of being a PROGRAMMER !! Neither do i think i can manage with a programmer!!! if god ever gives me a chance to select my partner..S/w souls are least preferred!! :D.....


  1. "S/w souls are least preferred"!!! That is an insult to the whole of computer programmers and scientists around the world!! I should respond.. :P

    In fact Computer Science and Psychology and very much related.. (Using golden ratio for the screen for instance! or the algorithm to koingsberg bridge problem)

    In short, psychology and computer science are similar for both have roots in logic!

    And a psychiatrist and a computer scientist/ programmer tries to solve a problem by attacking it logically..

    Regular Reader.

  2. Ahem!This happened in the past.. Now, the things have changed and I'm loving my profession.. Life has taught me not to fuse career with personal life.. Moreover, every profession has its own detailed ethics no matter what.. :) :)

    Btw, I had to go through the wiki to see what the bridge problem is... :D :D