Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Run away ...

'Luckily screwed'

Found its interesting when I simply joined 2 words - 'Lucky' + 'Screwed'

Bad Luck and Luck hits together. Screwed up big time and it says - 'Luckily Screwed..'

Not more than 2 days it took me to realize 'run-away from life...'

I wish if some alien comes and saves me from this stupid world.. Being a human is one stupid reason for the idea behind Run-Away.
Drastic changes for me too, but the soul inside wants to be a kid, wishes to be a kid, longing to be a kid....

Somewhere in the middle our life, we find a couple of people to whom we are we and we call them friends..
Somewhere in the middle of our life, we realize they are the best part of our life.
Somewhere in the middle of our life, we find them a best place in our life..
Somewhere in the middle of our life, they became our life..
Somewhere in the middle of our life, we loose them..
Somewhere in the middle of our life, we find we are nothing without them...

I received a message from one of my close friends today. A msg to reach after 6/8 months.
A single line msg- A single word msg. 'Sukamanodoi'.

Excited to see her name on that tiny box.

No world could be better without a circle of friends...
No life could be better than college-life...
No one could be better than friends...

Highly screwed up after college.. The life could be no more beautiful.. No more fun with friends, no more silly fights, no more struggling for shared food.... The 'No more' is having a sudden effect. Everything is NO. Everywhere it is NO.

Wish if I could Run-Away....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good year 2010!

Another year has come! Say cheese!
And I wished my friends all good luck:

'May god showers you more pesky friends this year' ( lol.. Mr. Annoyer from my workplace.. He thinks I'm good at annoying ppl and so I named him.. doh! )

'May god showers you more Rakhi-s this year' (My class chick! Back to class hours.. Was a great pleasure teasing her especially when it was a strict class... Strict class in the sense, we were not supposed to talk, make fun, play tricks, pass chits, feed snacks, switch seats, pencil sketch, do assignments... The strict class wanted us listen to those splendid fantabulous words that were flowing out from the stuffed cave.. Phew! She shouldn't have laughed when the lecturer was wearing down the feeling in us (as if he was guiding the most beautiful lessons of life ).. I wouldn't have thrown out of bench the very next minute which happened every 3 days a week tho' I hadn't any part in her expressing her mirth.. I was a poor soul and I could only turn back and smile at her.. I could only be a mother of

'May god bless you and help you find more troubles this year..' (This one hasn’t reasons but his attitude says : 'Do not disturb me. Already disturbed!' Sigh )

'May god showers you more gfs this year' (To my so called lil bro.. I'm worried if he could manage so many buffs.. He’s already trapped!)

'May god showers you all good luck and a position where you can meet more gals..' (Another colleague. He feels sorry for he did fail to get into a gals bay.. lol..)

'Get lost '-- (That was another New year wish.. I couldn't help it!)

'May god Bless 'ME' '! (To a few friends...)

My first day 2010 turned so lazy! Sleeping all day long.. I could have done some absolute crap, but the laziness in me has already eaten me up and I was helpless as a child wanting to be at home when he/she is asked to spend his/her day at play school.. The beginning is not so great, in fact two of my colleagues left our workplace in first 5 days.. Sob sob! Another reason could be me struggling to get back to my best friend.. She left to her working place without even spending with me a single day.. My laziness was again a reason.. I'm worried if murdering one crazy stuff is so easy if exercising laziness is an automatic event.. Got up at 3 AM in the morning, sleepless soul needing a reason for a natural state of rest causing the conscious mind freeeeze.. I'd love to explain the reason to myself, but lack of reasoning power is another major reason..
I wanted to mark everyday rich.. But my laziness has buried everything..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Patching up!

I actually couldn’t even admit a single day without my 'Net' .. Been my friend since school days, it has become one major life component now...Still couldn’t believe I've stamped down all these days without my best time killer.. I was starting to love the past days before television.One dumbo ass as I named it long before.. Not anymore..At one point, I had to consider that Idiot Box... God is emphatically teaching me how to live.. I'm lazy! Can't learn more...Sorry-ji ! :-O

Investigated 6 independent inquiries, peeped into mind…

  • How to start a reading 'habit' ?
When I said habit, I meant the word as it is.. I want it to acquire through frequent repetitions a day or I want my life reason-Books. Finished a book in a week.. :D Taking an hour a day.. lol..Anybody can finish it in a day.. Far too better or .....? Let it be for my jeez... ! :D :D :D

  • How well a blogger should be ?
Can’t indulge in writing metaphorical language. I don’t admit my writing skill part. Tho’ I like them when they say they like the way I express the words. Oh well, Thanks to ‘Mr’. Anonymous for sparing his time in here.. Good to see I’ve regular readers and Yes, obviously I’m inspired! ;-)

  • In which state of unreal world should I live in?
Present so is the same as for the real world... If in that case, Should I bother about my Future? No .. Yes! The priority being No.. Exploring…(‘Explore it’ as our trainers say.. :-D )

  • What exactly is telepathy?
Is it just a literal word as seen in writings or it has a secure unfeigned role in life? Lets see what.. lolz..
  • Why couldn’t I start thinking about a short story? ( ! )
Mr. Director’s inspiration! I remember him asking me for a short film.. He thinks I can make it.. Such demands will be taken into account , BUT … only if I find a gift parceled by GOD. Not otherwise .. Sigh!

  • A sequence of events at my work place.
Mr. Weird is study’ing’ (or analyz’ing’ : ‘ing’ since the status continues… ) me.. Accessing the behavioral attributes he can read out from my doings .. Weird I must say…The conclusions share contradiction …

His assumptions say :

" You ( or Me ), either an ‘Interesting’ character or a ‘Complete Fake’ ! "

Sigh! How else it could be..? Easily said: ‘Either Yes or No’..

Anyhow , his conclusion says the other way:

' This is your basic nature! '

The base R! Happily quitted! Thanks to Mr. Weird for he did take the cookies! Lol…

  • Time Utilization : Before and After Status !

*A table definition would be a bit odd as one of my friends suggested.. So deleting the struct*

Loved the ‘After’ state anyway..

Life could have been better if I get to hear the sigh of wind in ambiance… My windows are open and I’m ready to fade away in nature… A mind so intelligent, so innovational, so real..

God is listening... Get me the wings..I wanna fly...
I was destined to be God’s favorite, and I did the best I could do…
Still doing my best with every possible gifted qualities I’ve..
But, life is totally unlikely without an Inter-Net...
Back to ‘Before’ state.. I’m into my own world of Seeking-Nothing-In-Particular.. Yay! Happy again.. :-D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bill of Divorcement !

It says Marriages are made in heaven and sanctified on earth . . Pardon Me God, I'm redefining it for the sake of describing one funny incident happened today. .

This was my message to a friend during lunch break . .

I, R*** ( W/O Mr. X*** , married since XXXX **, &&&& ) hereby declaring my divorce notice . . The real reason behind this decision is the insincere nature of my **** . . He's been after many gals even though he's got a wonderful caring wife . . :) But, because of certain hidden reasons, I'm inactivating this notice for the time being . . So, kindly take this as a warning and put an eye on my **** so that he'll give me enough care and I'll get his attention leading to a happy and prospering life . . .~rz

Mr.X*** wanted me to hide his name for the sake of his peace . . lol . . I've taken the power of settling things . . Yay! Its because I got one such **** in the College Family Tree . .(Another absolute crap as I've no clue how he became my **** in tree) lol . . I'm glad things are turning around for me . . '****' since the word 'husband' is one meaningful word and I prefer not to use it here and there for describing 'some' silly characters in life. .

Relishing the days at new place . . Missing college friends and classes tho' . . I learn new things from here unlike in college days where the mere intention going college was the attendance . . I had a habit of imagining studies visually, and that happened only in dreams . . My intentions changed once I joined my first job . . Well this wasn't a change in plan but a change of mode . . Switching from the mode of leisurely woman to a fast learner in demand . . Learning learning and more learning . . .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cutting Edge !

ATTENTION dear friend: This is to inform you the latest updates about your friend.. Your Er. Friend is going to be an employee from this Monday.. The company she's going to work for is COLLABERA as SAP trainee.. Will be trained for the position,'SAP Consultant' in 6 months.. Well, I hope that is a GOOD news for you too...;-) :-):-)

This was the message to all my friends. Some laughed at, some incited pity and some others congratulated and conveyed their felicity...Its been 3 days since I joined.. Met up with an old tuition-mate of mine..She smiles at every single thing I say and I love people who smile.. :) When it is about friends, one would always appreciate adding more in a list of many and I'm not an exception.. She is my new friend, new colleague, new companion....

I had in my dreams about a work where I fly from one place to another, speaking out to the super-ordinates of a company in a prissy room..Well, that is in brief ...

I'm flying with my colleagues to a city where flowers blossom more often but are unnoticed .. The place where the crowd spills over on the street.. The heavy traffic lines are overloaded in the city everywhere... One from my team ensures the things going around, another busy reading stuffs, another one with the phone calls, another one with his at most stubborn posture..And myself wistfully looking through the window,running in mind as many things as I could.. Everybody plays a compeer role there.. We are halfway down the destiny..A remote possibility of reaching the place in time ... Situations passes by and now we are heeding to the company.. A warm welcome .. The usual way of conveying the invited guests.. Some of them are Indians and some others aliens, as I would call them...

We are in a well coiffed room.. Everybody seated themselves in the appropriate place so that they get the perfect picturing of the scenic design.. A man who buried himself in his best suit is now going to give us a formal greet.. He carries himself in a decent manner with a pleasing sensation.. He starts verbalizing and it occupied a short time.. And now, its our turn..We're introduced to the officials of their company and we are starting our work...(Last part isn't clear.....)

Everything was so quick and evening in room.. In a state of prospering.. Palmy and Thriving...!

Now, Dream becoming the Reality... The Cutting Edge !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surreal.. but nice !

I want a world were anything is possible...!

What I want to be... ? was left to me...

Choices were actually minuscule..
I picked one, But went wrong..

I see myself as a failure !
Believe me, I'm going to fail just 100%...
A striker striking within its reach,but failing to put a coin in the pocket..
Don't tell me ,it doesn't matter..
Because I know, it DOES !

This is not the time for incidence
This is not the time for empathize

I must complain with the weakest possible reason I could have....
I'm unsure, but something hiding me..
Perhaps, I'm less confident about myself..
I'm lazy, I couldn't make it... What shall I do now?
I thought I'm old enough to take my own decisions..
I thought there is no harm to be myself..
Did you see the difference?
Oh well,Its all about a lonely person in the world....
I doubt if its me....
No, I've everybody..

They asked :

Good bowler / Bad bowler ?

Unsure! I picked Good . But it turned Bad...

I'm a traveler who is gonna discover the world..
Looking for the day which is going to change my life...
If I was given a chance ,I'd change the world upside down..

Surreal.. but nice!
Well, what was I thinking about? Is it about changing the world?
I'm dreaming then..
In dreams, I'd change the entire world rather than my personality..
Because you can always do that in your dreams...
Sleep with a dream and wake up with reality ..
Because there is nothing that rhymes in life ...
I fancy it... Surreal ,but nice!

I wanted to see you smile..
But, nobody wished for mine..
I've got nothing to smile about !
Still I smiled, but nobody noticed..

Combination of factors spilled it out :

No clean clothes
No regular food
No real friends
No entertaining fun

Somebody been badly influenced...
Everything Unfit..
Everything for a reason it says :
Get me the reason, I'll be excused !

Unsuccessfully Professional !

A fairly strange reality to face with..
Its a No-Win situation..I dint realize before..
I couldn't hear the spiritual vibrations anymore....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My fortune teller says :

"Everyone is gifted - but some people never open their package"

Searching for my gift.....
Can't find any.....
Mission failed....
Query : Will I get a new one?
Reason : Because that I've missed my old...
Response : Gift once lost is lost forever !

Scripting failed . . . .