Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surreal.. but nice !

I want a world were anything is possible...!

What I want to be... ? was left to me...

Choices were actually minuscule..
I picked one, But went wrong..

I see myself as a failure !
Believe me, I'm going to fail just 100%...
A striker striking within its reach,but failing to put a coin in the pocket..
Don't tell me ,it doesn't matter..
Because I know, it DOES !

This is not the time for incidence
This is not the time for empathize

I must complain with the weakest possible reason I could have....
I'm unsure, but something hiding me..
Perhaps, I'm less confident about myself..
I'm lazy, I couldn't make it... What shall I do now?
I thought I'm old enough to take my own decisions..
I thought there is no harm to be myself..
Did you see the difference?
Oh well,Its all about a lonely person in the world....
I doubt if its me....
No, I've everybody..

They asked :

Good bowler / Bad bowler ?

Unsure! I picked Good . But it turned Bad...

I'm a traveler who is gonna discover the world..
Looking for the day which is going to change my life...
If I was given a chance ,I'd change the world upside down..

Surreal.. but nice!
Well, what was I thinking about? Is it about changing the world?
I'm dreaming then..
In dreams, I'd change the entire world rather than my personality..
Because you can always do that in your dreams...
Sleep with a dream and wake up with reality ..
Because there is nothing that rhymes in life ...
I fancy it... Surreal ,but nice!

I wanted to see you smile..
But, nobody wished for mine..
I've got nothing to smile about !
Still I smiled, but nobody noticed..

Combination of factors spilled it out :

No clean clothes
No regular food
No real friends
No entertaining fun

Somebody been badly influenced...
Everything Unfit..
Everything for a reason it says :
Get me the reason, I'll be excused !

Unsuccessfully Professional !

A fairly strange reality to face with..
Its a No-Win situation..I dint realize before..
I couldn't hear the spiritual vibrations anymore....


  1. "Surreal.. but nice!"

    The dialogue from Notting Hill. Lovely! :)

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