Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cutting Edge !

ATTENTION dear friend: This is to inform you the latest updates about your friend.. Your Er. Friend is going to be an employee from this Monday.. The company she's going to work for is COLLABERA as SAP trainee.. Will be trained for the position,'SAP Consultant' in 6 months.. Well, I hope that is a GOOD news for you too...;-) :-):-)

This was the message to all my friends. Some laughed at, some incited pity and some others congratulated and conveyed their felicity...Its been 3 days since I joined.. Met up with an old tuition-mate of mine..She smiles at every single thing I say and I love people who smile.. :) When it is about friends, one would always appreciate adding more in a list of many and I'm not an exception.. She is my new friend, new colleague, new companion....

I had in my dreams about a work where I fly from one place to another, speaking out to the super-ordinates of a company in a prissy room..Well, that is in brief ...

I'm flying with my colleagues to a city where flowers blossom more often but are unnoticed .. The place where the crowd spills over on the street.. The heavy traffic lines are overloaded in the city everywhere... One from my team ensures the things going around, another busy reading stuffs, another one with the phone calls, another one with his at most stubborn posture..And myself wistfully looking through the window,running in mind as many things as I could.. Everybody plays a compeer role there.. We are halfway down the destiny..A remote possibility of reaching the place in time ... Situations passes by and now we are heeding to the company.. A warm welcome .. The usual way of conveying the invited guests.. Some of them are Indians and some others aliens, as I would call them...

We are in a well coiffed room.. Everybody seated themselves in the appropriate place so that they get the perfect picturing of the scenic design.. A man who buried himself in his best suit is now going to give us a formal greet.. He carries himself in a decent manner with a pleasing sensation.. He starts verbalizing and it occupied a short time.. And now, its our turn..We're introduced to the officials of their company and we are starting our work...(Last part isn't clear.....)

Everything was so quick and evening in room.. In a state of prospering.. Palmy and Thriving...!

Now, Dream becoming the Reality... The Cutting Edge !


  1. entamme !!!

    oru joli kitti ennuvachu ithrem kathi adikkano? :P

  2. just remembered u had a blog! i m curious to know who those characters are in your collabera dream :). btw, were u half asleep when u posted this one - can see a lotta spelling mistakes!

  3. Hey, Surprising! Anyway,thanks a million for your comment.. :) Glad you did it...And sorry about the spellings.. My hurried and unpolished posts are :)