Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bill of Divorcement !

It says Marriages are made in heaven and sanctified on earth . . Pardon Me God, I'm redefining it for the sake of describing one funny incident happened today. .

This was my message to a friend during lunch break . .

I, R*** ( W/O Mr. X*** , married since XXXX **, &&&& ) hereby declaring my divorce notice . . The real reason behind this decision is the insincere nature of my **** . . He's been after many gals even though he's got a wonderful caring wife . . :) But, because of certain hidden reasons, I'm inactivating this notice for the time being . . So, kindly take this as a warning and put an eye on my **** so that he'll give me enough care and I'll get his attention leading to a happy and prospering life . . .~rz

Mr.X*** wanted me to hide his name for the sake of his peace . . lol . . I've taken the power of settling things . . Yay! Its because I got one such **** in the College Family Tree . .(Another absolute crap as I've no clue how he became my **** in tree) lol . . I'm glad things are turning around for me . . '****' since the word 'husband' is one meaningful word and I prefer not to use it here and there for describing 'some' silly characters in life. .

Relishing the days at new place . . Missing college friends and classes tho' . . I learn new things from here unlike in college days where the mere intention going college was the attendance . . I had a habit of imagining studies visually, and that happened only in dreams . . My intentions changed once I joined my first job . . Well this wasn't a change in plan but a change of mode . . Switching from the mode of leisurely woman to a fast learner in demand . . Learning learning and more learning . . .

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  1. The blog is open again!!!

    You write well.. Please, don't make it private.. Let there be anonymous readers (let the world read it, in other words) :)

    A regular reader.