Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Patching up!

I actually couldn’t even admit a single day without my 'Net' .. Been my friend since school days, it has become one major life component now...Still couldn’t believe I've stamped down all these days without my best time killer.. I was starting to love the past days before television.One dumbo ass as I named it long before.. Not anymore..At one point, I had to consider that Idiot Box... God is emphatically teaching me how to live.. I'm lazy! Can't learn more...Sorry-ji ! :-O

Investigated 6 independent inquiries, peeped into mind…

  • How to start a reading 'habit' ?
When I said habit, I meant the word as it is.. I want it to acquire through frequent repetitions a day or I want my life reason-Books. Finished a book in a week.. :D Taking an hour a day.. lol..Anybody can finish it in a day.. Far too better or .....? Let it be for my jeez... ! :D :D :D

  • How well a blogger should be ?
Can’t indulge in writing metaphorical language. I don’t admit my writing skill part. Tho’ I like them when they say they like the way I express the words. Oh well, Thanks to ‘Mr’. Anonymous for sparing his time in here.. Good to see I’ve regular readers and Yes, obviously I’m inspired! ;-)

  • In which state of unreal world should I live in?
Present so is the same as for the real world... If in that case, Should I bother about my Future? No .. Yes! The priority being No.. Exploring…(‘Explore it’ as our trainers say.. :-D )

  • What exactly is telepathy?
Is it just a literal word as seen in writings or it has a secure unfeigned role in life? Lets see what.. lolz..
  • Why couldn’t I start thinking about a short story? ( ! )
Mr. Director’s inspiration! I remember him asking me for a short film.. He thinks I can make it.. Such demands will be taken into account , BUT … only if I find a gift parceled by GOD. Not otherwise .. Sigh!

  • A sequence of events at my work place.
Mr. Weird is study’ing’ (or analyz’ing’ : ‘ing’ since the status continues… ) me.. Accessing the behavioral attributes he can read out from my doings .. Weird I must say…The conclusions share contradiction …

His assumptions say :

" You ( or Me ), either an ‘Interesting’ character or a ‘Complete Fake’ ! "

Sigh! How else it could be..? Easily said: ‘Either Yes or No’..

Anyhow , his conclusion says the other way:

' This is your basic nature! '

The base R! Happily quitted! Thanks to Mr. Weird for he did take the cookies! Lol…

  • Time Utilization : Before and After Status !

*A table definition would be a bit odd as one of my friends suggested.. So deleting the struct*

Loved the ‘After’ state anyway..

Life could have been better if I get to hear the sigh of wind in ambiance… My windows are open and I’m ready to fade away in nature… A mind so intelligent, so innovational, so real..

God is listening... Get me the wings..I wanna fly...
I was destined to be God’s favorite, and I did the best I could do…
Still doing my best with every possible gifted qualities I’ve..
But, life is totally unlikely without an Inter-Net...
Back to ‘Before’ state.. I’m into my own world of Seeking-Nothing-In-Particular.. Yay! Happy again.. :-D