Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day it is!

Noticed a mail from Editor bob in my inbox wishing me a Valentine's day!Well, I shouldn't be excited for this reason for I haven't any valentine this time too ! lol...:)
Not that I'm dismayed for not having one..I'm glad that I have a huge list of friends!But for the past couple of days,I've been feeling blue and depressed for no particular reason ! Horrible nights I should say ! ( Those in red italic are from Editor bob's and not mine.. lol.. )

He likes me!
He likes me not!
He likes me!
Make sure he DOES at least this time!
Or you gonna loose him !

bah! who cares! I've never even cared for biggie affairs!
Then why bother ?

So was the end exciting? Anything peculiar? Yeah! But the reason was in one way or other unlike and the one on other side used to be my admirer since my schooldays ! lol... I was sent a mail on the day and here it is....

"Hii ....i mean bye since i don't want to disturb u again. I'll shut this relation forever ! Its been a long time since this one way thingy ! I'm signing off forever ..All these years( might be 6+ ) i been thinking of u! Only u! And I realized i can never be your friend ! I tried to love many other ones,but I could only see u on them ..I thought what if u realize my love for you in my near future ...But this is far toooooooo long ..May be you are right !I've no idea! Anyhow, bye and lots of blessing! May God give you more good hearted one...."

And what does he mean? But I couldn't be confused about this guy ! Can't understand how guys could say all these things if they fail to make friendship with the so-called
I replied...

" I still can't figure out what your 'love ' is! You said you loved me ,cared me and many craps! But I doubt if you're sick! Now it's a good decision and a valuable turn! Its good to know that you've realized the 'things' at least now!

By all odds, I don't appreciate such things! I rarely make friends with guys! I believe guys are 'this' ,'that ' and what all craps! And the decision you took (at least)now is really appreciable! But surprisingly, I'm astonished to see your message which contains something like ' STOPPED IT ONLY BY NOW'? I thought you'd have already long before! lol...blah! whateva! bye! "

A kinda ill-mannered reply ! But I'm helpless ,but happy for his new turn! Bye admirer!

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