Monday, February 9, 2009

Heck ! I'm sick!

I'm sick of being sick! I'm sick with a cold ,runny nose,itchy eyes !
Achooooo! 'GOD BLESS ' as my friend says! I think God is busy blessing me today!Achoo! :D

I suppose my cold + allergy started working up! May be I should go to a doctor instead of sitting here and diagnosing myself! Yuk! But I hate having medicinal drugs! It can just help you in getting addicted to it!

My clock shows its 11 and my cell beeps! A message from a  sweetie pie asking for my reason of absence in class!Huh, I realized something! There is at least somebody missing me in college! lol . . Sickness couldn't be the only reason why I bunked today! I simply love bunking classes ! ;) Or is it that I'm wanting to be at home for a slothful day? I love being home for no absolute reason!  ;)

I cleaned my room today! Wowy! What is so wondrous in it is I have washed a tons of clothes I've been collecting for ages! There is just another pile of clothes I don't need to care about! May be I could finish of it in another 12 or more months! That doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice all my clothes ! My mom certainly wishes to get a chance!Well. . I wish if she does! :D In any case,I've been very surprised by mine for I even intended to go some laundry a fews days back ! But I somehow managed to do it all by myself! Yay!
Tho' I was after a plan to hand-wash all my clothes so as to prove my physical fitness to mummy !lol. . .The prime reason for these piles ! I supposed I could do all my works by my own once our servant aunti left our place for some medical reason her hubby had! She's not yet back home! I'm worried if my mom has sacked her from being home! :O I can't have any other reason for her vanishing into moonshine. . . I badly miss her since I'm asked to clean my room,wash my clothes ,make tea serve myself every single thing without an aid! :( Now,I need to stack my clothes well coiffed on my wardrobe! I can have no concern for I mostly dislike having a disarrayed wardrobe!

Lemme go back and start my work then! :)

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