Monday, January 19, 2009

Single Vs Married

Well ,Its all about a conversation I had with my friend some days back!

Some of my friends are getting married and they are gearing up for a new life! Oops! The start of an entirely new-life...;-) hmm.. Well,
-One of 'em highly tensed about the things that is going to happen after marriage!
-Other one has a cool-cool attitude!
-Another one is already married and having the max fun out of it!

I could see different extremities for a single reason!

Why is it like one should get married to somebody? I have been asking to the one myself and my Amma for a reason why I should get married. This quest peeps up whenever she tries to poke me with a proposal of marriage! She thinks it 's for the security reasons for a girl can't stay single for womb-to-tomb!

It says Marriage is all about a man and his wife in their own world assuring their lives entailed to each other! AGREED! But to an extent I kinda dissent such opinions-Our marriage strategy ! A man in some other part of the globe is going to be the biggest part in her life from the day he knots the 'Thalli' ! I can't admit the whole idea tho' I personally have no other choice but to gulp the traditional strategy! huh!

Meanwhile, one of my friends suggested to gain a new strategy- "Date-For-A-Year"! I agreed it a good idea! But failed to derive his seriousness in the topic ... I gave up! Moreover I am not liking to get married to anyone... Instead I 'd love to stay Single! Stay Single, it helps you learn a lot more things... Not very practical I know and myself waiting for him... ;-) Yes, it's really interesting to share everything with , to fight with, to play with..

New Experiences!



  1. :) That surely is thought provoking!!

    But if someone asks why should I get married, I would say that is the easiest way to have a girl. You dont have to go through the "impress her - propose her - act devdas" phase at all!! :P


  2. Well, yes..But you still need to face the Impress-her, Pamper-her phases.. ;-)

  3. Yup, that is comparatively easy in an arranged environment! :)