Saturday, January 17, 2009

A-Post-A-Day !

Time : 4AM
Woke up to the sound of my mob-alarm !Oh i have that bloody stupid University exam...Not that i hate writing exams's just another fun where we can put all the follies in prescribed papers! Going to start my lessons before dawn! I being a s7 Engineering student, one shouldn't expect me to learn or rather grab studying-stuffs from the day before exam!Yep! The things are rather growing faster.. The-day-before-study has been turned to The- last-minute-study strategy! I started reading from one end trying to find a reason why in this world did i waste my money on taking the photostat of the whole book!Oops! I read the things in a sleepy-headed mode!
Time : 8AM

Oh !It's high time and i need to get ready or else i might miss my col bus! I've just run through the first module..Was that enough for the exam? Having no idea about the things going around i started out my readyings!

Time: 8.30
In a hurry to catch my col bus..Seeing Austin(my neigh kid) on my way , reminded something..Oh! it was a saturday and there wouldn't be any col bus !Way back to home! My father offered me a lift college since he and she planning to head themselves to her native! I was rather happy since i could get time to read more till i reach my college! But my beauteous amma herself needed more time to get leaving! Oh i couldn't be in time for the exam if i planning to wait for her ..and what is more i need to get my request signed before the exam since I've lost my hall-ticket! :( At last my father settled the problem by dropping me off in scooty !All my dreams were crushed into futility!

Time :9.15Am
I'm at college running towards the office to get my request signed ..After a talk with the principal i got everything right! and me led myself to the exam hall!I was drawing a blank then! Praying (rather begging) to the Lord to give enough power so that some miracle would happen and i could write things on paper even if the questions seemed to be so obscured!Sigh!

Time :12.25Pm
I knotted my papers with an excessive complacency since i somehow managed to drop lines for almost all the questions! tho' i haven't written anything from those photocopies ! An immencegas-work !

Time : 1.30Pm
Till in college chit-chatting with friends ,playing pranks with each other and the phone started pinging! It was my sister asking me to be at home within a short while so that i could save her from the state of heavy boredom!hehe...

Time : 3Pm
Reached home ...Had food...Had some chats with sis...Tried to pull her out but couldn't help failing this time too ..That usually happens! She loves herself to wear the crown of every fights she has(d/ving) with me!lol.. The fun went on till our parents arrived..

Time :6Pm
They are in now!Saawan seemed to be the happiest and out of action for he could go outing with his grandparents ! I had a groovy time with him! Neigh uncles came in to inform us about the NEW YEAR jubilation!Finally the high-ups(!) are free from their obligations! It's on JAN 23!Wowy!! i love being foodie now and then ! ;-) I can have ice-cream galore! wowy! waiting for 23rd eventide! :-D

Time : 10.30Pm
Yeah! I'm online now! lol..Making up my mind to set out for a new idea! A-post-a-day! which simply recalls the old self-possession i used to have in my schooldays!

Goodnight ya! :)

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