Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome 2009 !

Another year has come with more resolutions unlike the previous years!I can assure that I'm planning myself to change a lot!loll...But I tell you it's a loyal decision! ! I even marveled at the abrupt changes in me! I've started learning VEENA and planning to learn VIOLIN as well..Then I've decided to go for higher studies so that I can amend my career to a great run! Oh yeah! I'll be preparing for GRE and as a part of it I have put on a new habit !Started READING BOOKS, one of my dreams come TRUE ! Yipe!But this is not for the first time I'm trying to read a book.I've tried many a times before but sadly I couldn't finish reading a single one!:( Hope it won't be the same this time..Started with CRISIS by ROBIN COOK!I hope this 2009 is going to be a special year for me! I'm 21 now ! Crucial time for a girl ;-) !

Now then its time to say Good bye 2008! A year which has come across so many new good-bad experiences in life! I've gone through most of the faces in life starting from new friends( last managed to get a couple of friends at college from my batch mates ,seniors,juniors...!Some went good and stay still and some others were an err in life !), Outings, Dance (Yeah! A choreography done by me and my friends which turned out to be a success and moreover I've designed our very own costumes and I proudly proved myself to be a successful DESIGNER ! Many have started copying my design but they got a nice tailor unlike us! :( ! ) , new crazy doings like annoying teachers (Well its not a new thing for me since I used to be the naughtiest among friends from my Kindergarten and been a big trouble to all my friends and teachers!loll...Simply used to enjoy such things at school but never at college! Oh Gawd ! Such kinda Undesirable worries! ), then a secret crush (Somehow the guy managed to get into my crush-list! :D Oh let me add on - When I said CRUSH, I mean it! Well, I don't need to give explanations on it.. Everything is so clear as I see hardly any chance it grows killed it the moment the news spreaded up... :-( A mix of happy-unhappy feeling.),then veena ,higher studies plan,a blog as well :D ! The list goes on and on ... A big Thanks to 2008 for the newer counts !

I'm getting ready to gain a new jump....;-) I wish I won't repeat the same mistakes again in life! Oh! Life would be boring with the same old mistakes and occurrents ! Expecting to hap something very new..... ;-)

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