Friday, March 6, 2009


Well...This is a mail I sent last day to a gang in my college.. The ****** is nothing but their gang name and I don't wish to put out here! It really hurts to see people around us being low bred and selfish ! One keeny I've mentioned here is a friend of mine!

Hi ******,

I know its ridiculous to send you a mail when I've had so many chances to talk to you in person.But it's really pathetic to see you (my 3 long years classmates) avoiding me in college! It really hurts even if its for a while! Big deal! I don't think I should be giving much grandness to it tho'! If you wish ,you may talk or else you don't! Can't understand why being like this if we have only a very few countable days together before us!

I thought I'd drop you a mail so that it's easy for you to pass this message to whoever you want thereby saving your time in copying and pasting stuffs!loll...(I know this wouldn't make you laugh..but did I ;) )

Somebody told me that I've hurt you some day..I can't explain since I thought you'd understand my situation! But unfortunately ,the things dint go well and you dint realize the way it is...And a big big SORRY if you still believe the reason for all these craps is me! Neither are we going to meet again after this college..Why going for such uneasiness then? Just wide open your eyes and See something! These are all baseless allegations! Friendship isn't that easy! Don't think it's easy to break the relations so easily! I hope in some day or later you'll perceive the realness!

I wish these matters would never come again within us which will only help in hurting some or others feeling! I understood how much you were hurt from the day keeny chorified me and I suppose you females are still continuing! I've absolutely nothing to tell on it and go on if ya think that's the proper way of reacting to your so-called friend (at least once i were to my noesis! )!

This mail may seems to you a nonsensical one and may it be beyond any limits ! But I can't help it! I've been in this trouble since &&&&&& ! I haven't much ideas about your ****** ! So sending this to all my fellow players! Rest is up to you ! You decide what and how!


hmm....well well.. "This was funny" my friend said! I loved the way she conveyed it!loll.. But it was distressing at times to see some of my former friends avoiding me! A Dance is a team work and it couldn't be a vaguely specified self interested concern! A fellow member's trouble must be the trouble of the whole! That should be the way it is...ah! Those females wouldn't empathize other's feeling! They just thinking about themselves,their problems,their hard work and all about them as if the whole world is rolling around them! ****** rules! lol...:-|
See folks,we're Grown-ups! But dont they seem like! ;)

I just recalled these words:

"Learn the habit of COMPROMISE...
Because its better to bend a little,
Than to break a lovely relationship!
Forgive quickly,Believe slowly,
LOVE truly & Laugh loudly!

Yeah I'm learning to appreciate the elegance of COMPROMISE through my experience! :)I was right! But they were right as well ! Now what? Let's grasp and bump with a linguistic reason! loll...

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