Friday, March 20, 2009


One evening,while I was running around the kitchen trying for something catchy to get stuffed in!

Mom: Mole,Think we'll start planning your marriage! What say?
Me : Oh sure mma! As if I'm ripening with age! Sigh!
Mom: Lemme know if you have any thoughts then!
Me: Now you're seeking for the idea behind self-annihilation!
Mom: But see, You're expected to start thinking for yourself!
Me: Amma,you're trying to set me on the marriage market which I don't appreciate!
Mom: (wicked grin) tho' she looked innocent!

And here are some ideologies I visioned myself! First time thinking about and no wonder it wouldn't be smart as a whip! I enjoy the freedom of only concerning myself tho'.

Prayer to Lord:
  • If I get married,he should be the best I could do!
Theory behind:
  • Deep human need for Lasting Love , Care , Attention!

  • Unconditional love, a phenomenon that creates flexibility!

Conditions / Don't-s:
  • A perfect man in an imperfect world wouldn't be encouraged!
  • Shouldn't equate intelligent planning with a lack of trust or love!
  • Money shouldn't be listed as a cause of marriage!
  • I don't want a man to run my life,instead I need a steady companion!
  • I almost dislike self-centered ones,so shouldn't he!
Qualities / Do-s:
  • Respect is something to be earned and not to be demanded! Every single one on Earth is a wonder of God's creation! Should know how to respect each other!
  • My dis-qualities should be his qualities and the other way around!
  • Must be good at communicating with people! Well-mannered , easy-going , fun loving with a pleasant smile pasted on face : these can be added to the trait list.
  • 3 P's in HIS Practical skills: HIS Plan,HIS Pleasure,HIS Purpose!

Will be adding more... :)

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