Friday, April 17, 2009

aTtiTudE / ATTITUDE / AttItUdE

aTTiTuDe it is...

They have a reason for everything! They say its ATTITUDE! :O

Of all the existing ones, being Arrogant is the latest one! Both starts with the same 'A' ! Aww! Spells good! ;)

The World of Fashion and Beauty must be redefined! Or Attitude redefined? lol...

Here goes a best count for this re-definition!
A new friend of mine! He says he loves me!
Oops! No! He likes me .. lol
And guess what! He is a Man of Arrogance I must say!
But somebody says :

Man is much smaller than you,
He has Arrogance ,Karma and Maya.
Although he is smaller he has lot more Arrogance.
Because of his Arrogance he turns the world upside down .
He destroys his exalted life because of this Arrogance.
Only when the man understands that he's Arrogant will he become a Real Man!

Wowy! Wonderful it is!
And see this

"Man’s ignorance is only exceeded by man’s arrogance.” ~ J. D. Taylor

Right / Wrong? :|
Well,I must say, I go with the latter since its hard to see somebody being arrogant to one! They have a reason of their own! Because they're focused,they think :

I'm doing it because I am ME ! This is what Attitude is. . . but they call me Arrogant !

Now,you decide what it meant to be?

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