Friday, May 1, 2009

4 years of College life- A flash back

Now that it comes to an end,its time for me to blog it here! College life is nearing its end. . Hereafter No silly jokes in the middle of class, No bunking class hours, No stupid fights, No more sharing of food during lunch break, No teasing with nicknames .... and all other blahs you could count as a part of college life! This what my friends say! But, I tell you what, to a certain extend it's right...but not as it is...

We've reached the turning point!
Well well . . I started with the flashback thingy! Coming to it . .

Was going through my Picasa for the college photos I've in my system...
Aw yeah! I'm trying to sort it out! Here it is after the Selection-Collage process!

Starting with the Freshers Day celebration...

The first event been held by my class! Yeah! Somehow, it turned out to be a big success as our Principal Mr.Mahadevan Pillai mentioned in his speech.The first freshers day which had a technical touch with LCD display screens welcoming the freshers and in meanwhile we've put some entertaining channel for them during their lunch.. He said its 'Creativity' as none of our seniors had thought of such ideas . . Seniors well have taken part and danced with the juniors and the function has turned out to be a mixed party of Juniors and Seniors! The best Freshers Day party in the history of Comp Sci dept,SCTCE as Karthik chettan(our senior) has mentioned towards the end!Lucky JuNiors to have us-their SeNiors!

Now again what creeps into mind is the SKIT we've performed in our theme: Kerala University Valuation Center! :D As if we knew how the things happening Anyway,we had so lotta fun during this trial of us! A combined effort could be a Grand Success and too this Hellua fun it was! College days are simply wonderful :) No turning backs! :)

The next step is Raagam'08-

One another unique experience with the seniors, juniors and friends!Yay! SCT won the overall trophy of Raagam'o8! Great to be a part of sucha big success! My team won First for Rangoli (WE created the design .A totally different theme conveying a message- FROM THE DEPTH OF NIGHT,WE SWIM TOWARDS THE LIGHT! Innovative one might say! Cheers Gowri for the caption! Cheers to us since we've put up a sum of 25 points to SCT !

Onam'08 and Onam'09!This ,the same every year except that we are a year older than the previous... The very same 'pulikalies', 'chenda madhalam', 'onasadya', 'athapookalam' 'padakams','vadamvali' and lots . . . It was SCT who taught me how should an Onam celeberation be. . Aw no! I'm gonna miss the next Onam with no SCT friends around. . .

But I don't agree with! Regretting over the past! Past is Past! They won't be back again. . .

'Will those days ever come back? Can Impossible become Possible this time ?At least I wish if it could when it comes about college life!'

The fun days were those IV days we had together which taught us how to be with different mortals when you're not with your family ! 10 days trip . .

Day 1- At Hyderabad !

Day 9- Goa

Day 4- Bangalore

Day 3-Ramoji Film City

Huh,College Days are simply endearing....:)

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