Friday, June 12, 2009

Good bye SCT

The last day at My College-Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering.
The first day being August 10,2005.

My phone beeped . .The sender name on its top. Realized! A classmate of mine:

"Oh, I don't have a clue what am I gonna do tomorrow! I'm gonna miss my college friends..I'm sad..Not in a right mood...:("

Most of everyone must be feeling the same and I replied :

"Gonna miss college friends? I see hardly any chance. . Must be missing college . .Get engaged in something . It's a part of life. Life is Simple,it's just not easy. . You make a choice and never turn back. . Once we had those wonderful school days to cherish and now college days too. . The memories left behind. The life has just started and the youth has blossomed into maturity ;) New Fun, New life, New people . . .Be happy for the New things happening! FRIENDS can never be past . They are our present. Life is stepping upwards.We're gonna get more friends. . I'm excited ! "

Now SCT in dreamzz . . .

Happily saying Good Bye SCT...


  1. hey luv,
    I shud certainly comment that this is one of the few sensible things that u've ever said ;-)

    with most love,
    urs only.......

  2. hihi....well said tishku.. ;)