Friday, June 19, 2009

Unhinged !

Crazy - Crazier - The Craziest !

One another reason why the people are totally unsound !
I found in one of my friend's album a pic and certain descriptions! I stood in stunned silence for a min or more. . . I wish if the monitor I'm sitting before was not mine. . I 'd have crunched it into bits otherwise. . .

"d smile which i loved d most during ma school days.. met as a stranger smewer on my way .. then vanished smewer away in dis busy lyf n again got to see long after.. neva realised wen was near.. bt realised wen went far... d smile which i dreamt many times in b/w.. d smile whch left a smile on ma face wen i think of !! ppl may name it mad.. but i wud say its a wish.. a silent wish.. a sweet wish.. alwayz !! " :) ~ Crazy...

I'm losing my temper! How should I respond to such crackbrained stuffs? I mostly dislike to be a display of bad temper! Silent wish n' crap! Get lost!

Lol...actually I've penned lots about a silent wish of mine . . But those imaginary words are really amusing when twisted to reality. . I realized! Let them remain the mental imagery and creativity and not the reality. . lol. .

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