Friday, June 26, 2009


Listing out my ambitions from the age of 9 -

Age- 9 , 4th Grade :
I wanted to become an IAS officer.

Since my mom's greatest wish !

Age-10, 5th Grade :
I decided...I'm the future Doctor.

For God's sake, I can never be a Doctor! I'd have been the same as above otherwise!

Age-13, 8th Grade :
Had enough of learning BIOLOGY! I hated the subject even before I go in depth!
Heard from my seniors about them experimenting the frogs, cockroaches etc..Argh!

Age-14, 9th Grade :
I'm a Teacher! Finalized ! Just because I fell in love with a teacher of mine, I wanted to be like her ...Realized better I not a teacher! lol...

Age-15, 10th Grade :
All I wanted is to get a pass mark . The first Board Examination in life!
I passed it! God's grace!:)

Age-16, 11th Grade :
I wanted to become a Psychiatrist! Because I love to read people's mind and wanted to find the reason behind the mad whirl of pleasure!

Unfortunately,none at home encouraged this idea! Can't blame them! A completely mad Psychiatrist aint valued. .

Age-17, 12th Grade :
I'd write the entrance and would get through . .

I'm the next Engineer. .

Age-18, 1st year Engineering :
I was liking to take Comp Sci & Eng. . I was told about the high salary and IT - The next generation sector . . .

Age-19 , 2nd year Engineering :
Wished for nothing! I just wanted to enjoy my college life . . .

La la laa.....

Age-20, 3rd year , The pre-final year :
Wanted to become something in life . But, was unsure about ' What? '--
Nothing wondering! Still the same situation.... :(

Age-21, Final year Engineering :
I'll be a lovely wife! Wanted to sit idle,doing nothing at all but running a wonderful family!

Now in the state of dilemma . . .
CAT ? Job ? Family ? Absolutely No Idea it is . . .


  1. hahaha...tht was a gud one!!! psychiatry wud suit you the best :P

  2. ha ha ha ha ha "dilema" for what? this your life or not? please read my blog also

  3. @ Urban anger :
    poda.. :( you said it right ;) :D

    @ agnivesh :
    bro, i could only be confused about my life. never bother what others do... ;)

  4. Just ignore the option "Family" for now.. :P

    If you did study IT, and if you are not ready to be in a job, I would suggest you to do a course on .Net or PHP...

    After completing any one of the above course, jus don't forget to inform me. I will give u a job !!


  5. Ignoring the option "Family" 1..2..3...
    I ignored!

    Learning .Net && PHP 1..2..3...
    I learned!

    Now, where is my job? ;) :D

  6. 1, 2 and 3...hmm... so u didn't study these figures in ur LKG ? :P

    U went to .Net and PHP classes to learn this !!

    Am afraid thinking of the time when u learn the multiplication table... :P