Monday, June 15, 2009


Conversation with a friend of mine:

Venue :College Tea stall
Time : around 2pm after the final University Exam!
Members : 6 of us - the final year students

Guys busy with gossiping !
And the gals heeding them !

He might have noticed me bored with those false rumors !
Ah well, an exceptional case it is ,as the gals hardly feel bored while gossiping!
He started a conversation with me . . An artificial way of starting a conversation with a fellow being . . His words were so clear . .

He : So what is your next plan after college?
Me : I've no clue . .
He : You should have been certain about it. .
Me : Must be . .
He :( some blah blahs as i don't remember the words and finally he ended up with a statement. .) Gals should be bold enough . .
Me : Well, If ya asking me for it, I might say I've enough boldness!
He : So ,how would you define boldness?
Me(quiet for a while) : You need a formal definition for everything, huh?
He : Of course, do. . as everyone has their own definition for every single thing !

The right way of convincing reason!
But,I felt more bored ! Moreover, I can't stand with such formal chats whoever the other side is . . Digging up the reason for the Invention of Definitions . . . I Quit ! lol . . .

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