Sunday, June 28, 2009

BSNL Bad !

I messaged . . .

"Msg 1 : Hereafter, following the message sequencing method to ensure the acknowledgement :D so that the receiver could find the innocence of the sender who is being accused for not sending(replying to) the messages. . .:) :) "

I tried to send the same message thrice,but failed!
My good luck . . It worked after 10 hours- from the night to the next morning ! sigh

I waited for another half an hour to get a reply and here it is . . .

"Well, I think this new method of sequencing would be effective. .You may as you plz follow this method from today. . Cheers ! "

lol...I was happy! I found a new method. . Yay!

Well well...I'm following this new method from today morning.. But, not even a single message is getting delivered! If only it's been sent,one could make sure of my sequencing. .
Bsnl Bad again... :(

Sob sob! Somebody get me a new Network which can't be distracted by any other means!

I want an ' obedient ' Network which works just for a single person and that's ME . . See, how lovely it would be. . . ;) What if there exists a Remote Controlled Wireless Network (abbreviated as RCWN :D )! Whenever I wish for the network service , it's all DONE ! My destination is only a single click away! All others should have to wait for my permission to use this privately accessed network which I never do. . lol . . The possibilities are endless! Lets hope for one such system in Mobile Service!

But, RCWN has to be named after me for I suggested this possibility! But, unfortunately My name doesn't seem scientific ! :( It could have been Rachle / Rakshel / Rikshel or something . . Sigh! But, I love Malayalam . . Rachle / Rakshel / Rikshel could never be a Malayalee name . . . sad again. . .:(


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  2. edi drohi...ninakku vere oru perum kandille :X :X

  3. moral of the story : stick on to your airtel sim no matter wat...