Friday, October 3, 2008

The pond!

The real Mystic!!

Very recently I came to know about a historic pond at trivandrum -- HYMAVATHY POND , a place where a lot of people fall into love and water !!

Experiencing the real life ghostly Hymavathy in a well haunted area...Its a very old story!!but there have been many experienced ones even in this 21c !! speciallly technopark employees who use the technopark back gate road...there have been many articles relating to this pond..Its is a real scray to one like me :D The story is all about a girl who committed suicide earlier in 1960s cuz her parents denied her marriage and killed her lover knowing their relation following she commited suicide in the pond and thereafter the pond is named "Hymavathi pond"...(Thanx to pradeep for these photos :))

One among such spiritual experience....

" I work for a private firm in Technopark. Due to some work yesterday, I was held back and my return home was delayed.

Around 9:30pm, I started from office on my scooter and passed through the back entrance road (Karyavatom - Thripadapuram road). I chose this road b’cos it was recently tarred and was a better and smoother road and I was afraid of taking the Kazhakootam road due to fear of hooligan activities that had occured recently.

As soon as I passed out of the back entrance, a jeep hurried towards me from the opposite side and applied brakes suddenly. Luckily I could maintain my balance and was not thrown out from my scooty.

When I crossed the first hump on the road, the current went out and it was completely dark. There were no lights from the nearby houses and the silence coupled with the cloudy atmosphere added to the fiery night. The little light in my scooty helped me propel to my target. I accelerated my vehicle. Suddenly I noticed something moving in front of me some few meters away, somewhere near to the right turn in the road. I applied the brakes of my vehicle as it turned out to be a completely strange thing. It had the height of 2 persons mounted on each other and was fatter than a normal person. A dark blanket covered the whole ‘thing’ and it was moving (floating) towards the University road. As soon as the thing went out of sight, I rushed away on my vehicle with little life in my body..."

Kariavattom roadway ...

Many have different experiences ..but everytime they see the same gigantic figure lined as above..Now have a close look at the pic...Chill out... lol...

But we cant neglect such cuts ..Some articles admit this scary creatures and there are some scientific reasons for this...It can be seen only when the vibrations of such creatures interfere with that of human beings... Only then one can feel their presence ! They may not appear all the time..But needs to hold all necessery environments!! If we believe in energy and science then we should take this... There are some negative energy existing in nature..And this is a kinda one..But,these creatures cannot do any harm to anybody as they haven’t any power to attack the living ones...They can be seen just as floating bodies or sometimes they may be dancing fogs.. ;)

Should 'I' admit this? I have no clue !!
but IT IS really SCARY !


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  2. This story was first told by students of University campus. It was passed over from senior students to junior students there. Actually there must be some relation with the drug trade going inside the campus. The drug addicts do not want others to come over there. This is why they create such ghost stories. And technopark guys shouid not believe these drug addicts!

  3. Hope you have all seen “Vishwasichaalum Illenkilum” on October 19th in Asianet. Similar to the Sumathi ghost at Palode, this Hymavathy ghost is being propagated by drug addicts, alcoholics and thieves. The drug and alcohol addicts don’t want anyone to come there at day time and thieves want to cause fear and snatch money and other valuables from Technopark employees who pass by that road at night. We want Technopark authorities to put more street lights and police to patrol the street at night, since these antisocial elements are weaving web for their illegal activities by propogating ghost stories.

  4. well!! i do not believe in ghost but still its not at story thts weaved in the recent past..its almost a 30-40 yr legend!!! actually even many of the former karyavattom[83-84 batch!!] college students knws abt this pond!! plus i went there n its a place which ur imaginations can make ghosts!! i mean the nature n trees there are kinda luks scary!! n abt the antisocial ppl...its one deserted place imo!! i would prefer any normal place inside that campus over this place!!!

  5. Just as in Sumathi story, you can find all sorts of stuffs used by antisocial elements in the pond!!!

  6. Check this ...

  7. it is a wonderfull pulu story

  8. Even if there is a ghost It cant do anything like an antisocial element.A live human is far more dangerous than a poor ghost.The main thing which creates an aura of ghost story is the surroundings.Anyone would feel to propagate stories like this.It could be true that a girl named hymavathy committed suicide but then many more might have done that.All turning ghosts and hurting people.You must be crazy.Ghost gets shape from our own minds due to the stories we hear and that really helps thieves and drug addicts.why ghost is not catching these people?The reason is simple they don't worry about death.And we worry death more than anything.

    1. well that's entirely true... but beyond that...just think of the love btw 'em.....their bondage... the grief she had been intense would be that.... can you imagine when a girl decides to leave her live..when she cannot trust on any hopes she has.... loosing everything...

  9. I know that place.I live there more than 4 years and we visit the above pond during night.we didint see anything unusel.

  10. Finally I want to know one thing, Is there any ghost? or not

  11. There are no ghosts at all. But there are jinn which take body of dead people!